Callide Oxy-Fuel


CCS Cost & Other

 Carbon Capture Shift Reactor 

 A scoping study on oxy-CFB technology as an alternative carbon capture option or Australian black and brown coals

 Metal foam heat exchanger for dry cooling

Managing Flexibility Whilst Decarbonising Electricity; The Australian NEM is changing

Allow CMR for H2 production

 Impacts of trace components on Oxycombustion for the Callide Oxy-fuel Project – Further results and analysis from Callide field trials,

 IGCC solids disposal and utilisation 

Quantification and Assessment of Environmental Risk in Carbon Capture and Sequestration

 CO2CRC CCS Cost Reduction Project: Solvent Precipitation System 

 Impacts of trace components on Oxycombustion for the Callide Oxy-fuel Project – Results from Callide field trials, 

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Impacts of trace components on Oxycombustion for12

Guidelines for scoping & estimating early mover CCS projects
 Cost-effective membrane technologies for carbon dioxide capture – membrane processes for amine contaminant removal Mercury removal with SO3 in the fabric filter and with NOx as liquids in CO2 compression   Large Scale Cost Reduction through Adsorption Based Oxygen Generation Technology
Low Cost Hybrid Capture Technology Development  Appendix 1: Mercury removal and acid dew point temperature reduction due to SO3 capture by ash in t {spacer text spacer text, speacer text}  

Impacts of trace comp

The value of flexible and firm capacity in decarbonising Australian grids
Development of novel ionic liquids to capture CO2  Appendix 2: Mercury removal in oxyfuel flue gas compression, product characterisation and experiments at the Callide Oxyfuel Project {spacer text spacer text, speacer text}   Overview of CCS Roadmaps and Projects
Development of the advanced aqueous ammonia based post combustion capture technology – Final Report Appendix 3: Formation of nitrogen containing gases under high pressure during compression of oxyfuel gas: a subcontract from the University of Newcastle to Macquarie University{spacer text spacer text, speacer text}   Energy Scenarios, Outlooks and Climate Policies
Model-based optimisation of highly-integrated renewables with post-combustion carbon capture processes {spacer text spacer text, speacer text} Gas quality impacts, assessment and control in oxy-fuel technology for CCS   Energy Security and Prosperity in Australia
Novel gas-liquid contactor concepts for PCC capital and operating cost reduction {spacer text spacer text, speacer text}  Feasibility of Impurity Control During Compression of Oxy-fuel Flue Gas   Financial Incentives for the Acceleration of CCS Projects
High efficiency post combustion capture of carbon dioxide using solid sorbents {spacer text spacer text, speacer text} Well-stirred Scrubber Results at atmospheric pressure   Comparative Power Generation Option Analysis – Policy & Techno Economics
Evaluation of CO2 capture with high performance hollow fiber membranes from flue gas  {spacer text spacer text, speacer text} Chemical Looping Oxygen Generation for Oxy-fuel Combustion    Australian Power Technology Generation Technology (APGT) Study
 Reduced cost postcombustion CO2 capture from coal fired power stations with enzymes    
Impact of Flue gas impurities in PCC plants
Nano-structured Carbon Fibre/ Carbon Nanotube Composite for CO2 Capture
Concentrated piperazine based post-combustion capture process for Australian power plants