Callide Oxy-Fuel


General CCS Report 

 Carbon Capture Shift Reactor 

 A scoping study on oxy-CFB technology as an alternative carbon capture option or Australian black and brown coals

 Metal foam heat exchanger for dry cooling

Managing Flexibility Whilst Decarbonising Electricity; The Australian NEM is changing

Allow CMR for H2 production

 Impacts of trace components on Oxycombustion for the Callide Oxy-fuel Project – Further results and analysis from Callide field trials,

 IGCC solids disposal and utilisation 

Quantification and Assessment of Environmental Risk in Carbon Capture and Sequestration

 CO2CRC CCS Cost Reduction Project: Solvent Precipitation System 

 Impacts of trace components on Oxycombustion for the Callide Oxy-fuel Project – Results from Callide field trials, 

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Impacts of trace components on Oxycombustion for12

Guidelines for scoping & estimating early mover CCS projects
 Cost-effective membrane technologies for carbon dioxide capture – membrane processes for amine contaminant removal Mercury removal with SO3 in the fabric filter and with NOx as liquids in CO2 compression  
Low Cost Hybrid Capture Technology Development  Appendix 1: Mercury removal and acid dew point temperature reduction due to SO3 capture by ash in t {spacer text spacer text, speacer text}  

Impacts of trace comp

Development of novel ionic liquids to capture CO2  Appendix 2: Mercury removal in oxyfuel flue gas compression, product characterisation and experiments at the Callide Oxyfuel Project {spacer text spacer text, speacer text}  
Development of the advanced aqueous ammonia based post combustion capture technology – Final Report Appendix 3: Formation of nitrogen containing gases under high pressure during compression of oxyfuel gas: a subcontract from the University of Newcastle to Macquarie University{spacer text spacer text, speacer text}  
Model-based optimisation of highly-integrated renewables with post-combustion carbon capture processes {spacer text spacer text, speacer text} Gas quality impacts, assessment and control in oxy-fuel technology for CCS  
Novel gas-liquid contactor concepts for PCC capital and operating cost reduction {spacer text spacer text, speacer text}  Feasibility of Impurity Control During Compression of Oxy-fuel Flue Gas  
High efficiency post combustion capture of carbon dioxide using solid sorbents {spacer text spacer text, speacer text} Well-stirred Scrubber Results at atmospheric pressure  
Evaluation of CO2 capture with high performance hollow fiber membranes from flue gas  {spacer text spacer text, speacer text} Chemical Looping Oxygen Generation for Oxy-fuel Combustion  
 Reduced cost postcombustion CO2 capture from coal fired power stations with enzymes    
Impact of Flue gas impurities in PCC plants