Project Summary

This project focuses on earthquake monitoring in CO2 storage sites in the Australian context. Seismic monitoring is of a particular concern for proposed storage sites in the Gippsland Basin being considered by CarbonNet because the offshore location presents unique problems for routine detection of micro-seismic events. Consequently, there are significant challenges in optimal, cost-effective network design and instrumentation. Failure to provide adequate seismic coverage may lead to unwarranted concerns about the potential for induced seismicity associated with storage projects, as well as a less than optimal use of information to constrain reservoir conditions. To address these challenges, the project will 1) develop protocols for earthquake monitoring associated with the CarbonNet Carbon Capture and Storage project and 2) utilise natural seismic sources to help constrain geomechanics of CO2-storage reservoirs.

Project Name:
Optimisation of Earthquake Monitoring for CCS Applications on Local and Microearthquake Scales

Research Organisation:
The University of Melbourne

In Progress


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Gippsland Basin
Research Focus: Containment, Passive Seismic, Induced Microseismicity

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