The National Low Emission Coal Council (NLECC), a Commonwealth initiative, established ANLEC R&D to implement a nationwide program for low emission coal research and development to address the research priorities identified in the NLECC strategy.

As part of Australia’s ultimate transition to a near zero carbon economy, ANLEC R&D will address:

  • The near term risk reduction and technology developments necessary for successful demonstration of LECT in Australia.
  • The delivery of skills, data and knowledge to assist key stakeholders understand the benefits and deployment risks of LECT’s.
  • Support for, and investigation of, issues affecting the performance of the early demonstration projects.

Mission Statement

To make available to Australian society, through applied R&D, the knowledge and skills that reduce the investment risk associated with the development and deployment of Low Emission Coal Technology (LECT) in Australia – thereby accelerating the technology development cycle.

ANLEC R&D will provide independent and objective analysis, data and expertise that will most effectively facilitate the fast tracking of the design, permitting and operation of LECT plant using Australian coal under Australian conditions.