Funding Information

ANLEC R&D works with demonstration proponents to identify research priorities that accelerate deployment of low emissions coal-fired power generation in Australia such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Working with proponents for CCS deployment and their Embedded Technology Managers, ANLEC R&D identifies those knowledge gaps that are best addressed by targeted research.

Research services are usually acquired through calls for Expression of Interest (EOI), inviting researchers to submit proposals to meet the required objectives. Applicants are advised that it is important to familiarise themselves with ANLEC R&D procedures, processes and contract terms prior to submitting expressions of interest. More information is available by clicking on Research Funding.

Submitting an EOI

Researchers must follow the three-step submission process when responding to an invitation:

  1. Download the EOI Targeted Program Application Form and Proposed Budget Template
  2. Complete the application form. Your response should be clear, concise, and based on the best information available at the time. For more information on what is required when completing this form please download the Targeted Program Funding Guideline.
  3. Submit your forms using the following link before the closing dates:

 EOI Submission

EOI Invitations

ANLEC R&D Expression of Interest (EOI) invitations are listed in the table below. For more information on each opportunity, click on the links provided in the table.

Expression of Interest (EOI) Invitations


Opening Date

Closing date

Petrophysical and fluid dynamic uncertainty analysis Closed 18/02/20 26/02/20
Testing two depo-centre hypothesis of North and South Surat concept Closed 18/02/20 26/02/20
Rock Typing – southern Surat Precipice Sandstone rock properties from drill cuttings Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18 (5pm AEST)
Regional hydrogeology of the southern Surat Basin Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18 (5pm AEST)
Precipice Sandstone water salinity estimation from SP logs Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18  (5pm AEST)
Precipice Sandstone water salinity estimation from CSEM Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18  (5pm AEST)
EOS for a GHG stream from a coal-fired power station Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18   (5pm AEST)
Unstructured gridding Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18  (5pm AEST)
Outcrop to Model – the missing link Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18  (5pm AEST)
Bentonite plugs for low-cost CCS well abandonment Closed 24/09/18 04/10/18 (5pm AEST)
PTRC – Seeking Geochemical Analysis of Salt Precipitation In Aquistore CO2 Disposal Well Project Closed 16/08/17 15/09/17
Processing of passive seismic datasets for stress-induced events  Closed 17/05/17 02/06/17  (5pm AEST)
PTRC Aquistore Pulsed Neutron Project Closed 03/03/17 10/03/17

Please contact the number listed below, if you have any questions regarding the opportunities.