ANLEC R&D has become a member of the PTRC, Canada who manage the Aquistore project. Our engagement with such International projects is designed to leverage and return the best knowledge and experience to enable and accelerate large scale CCS deployment in Australia. We will take opportunity to shape our own research program from insights gained by large scale injection and storage underway internationally. The Aquistore project offers such an opportunity as they have already an active large scale injection associated with the Sask Power Boundary Dam retrofit project in Saskatchewan Canada.

The ANLEC R&D – General Manager Research, Kevin Dodds is a member of Science and Engineering Research Committee (SERC) for PTRC that meets fortnightly. The Aquistore SERC have proposed a study to assess the set of pulsed Neutron Logs acquired over the last few years and deliver a robust analysis of its performance and capability. This call for a proposal demands specific skills not widely available, so we expect a limited response. However, we also wish to encourage the broadest possible response to this call for research service.

This opportunity has expired, please return to ANLEC R&D Expression of Interest (EOI) Invitations