Targeted Program Funding Guideline

For an explanation of the ANLEC R&D funding process, please download these guidelines.



EOI Targeted Program Application

Use this form to complete your response to a targeted program. To help ANLEC R&D evaluate your response fairly, your response should be clear and concise, and based on the best information available at the time of your submission.


Targeted Program  Funding Application

This document provides the format for the information you need to supply for a project for which you are seeking ANLEC R&D funding support.


Targeted Program Proposal Budget Template

This excel document provides a template for the required financial information for a project for which you are seeking ANLEC R&D funding support.


Research Product Approval Form

To be completed with every milestone report submission as well as requests for presentations, abstracts and manuscripts based on ANLEC R&D funded research.



Reporting and Publications Manual

All abstracts, extended abstracts, publications, reports or presentations etc. related to ANLEC R&D funded research (ANLEC R&D research products) shall first be submitted to the ANLEC R&D review and publication approval process described in this manual.


Variation to Project Agreement Form

To be completed when major changes to the project agreement are required.




Overseas Travel Form

To be completed when overseas travel is required for work relating to an ANLEC R&D project.