Project Summary

A monitoring and verification program at the Surat CCS demonstration project must be able to distinguish natural variations in measured data with those that can be attributed to the CO2 storage reservoir. Monitoring data must be able to refute a hypothesis to draw rigorous conclusions about null signals This project is developing a robust modelling and predictive framework that can be applied to all components of a near-surface monitoring and verification program planned for the Surat CCS demonstration project. This statistical framework will allow measured anomalies to be attributed to leakage events if the data exceeds a specified threshold value. In response, an action plan detailing a mitigation strategy can then be implemented, in order to satisfy stakeholders.

Available Reports

Anomaly detection threshold setting for environmental baseline

Project Name:
Anomaly detection threshold setting for environmental baseline

Research Organisation:


C Green


Research Program: Carbon Transport and Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Quantifying the probability of a leakage event, Assurance modelling, Modelling Error and Uncertainties

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