Project Summary

A final Australian Power Generation Technology Report (APGT) including cost walk through, Executive Summary, Executive Briefing, CSIRO were delivered to ANLEC R&D and the APGT reference group on 23 November 2015.

The final report included a chapter on transmission and distribution, and facilitating technologies, i.e. Carbon Capture and Storage and Energy Storage.

Importantly, this report provides a factual and most up to date technical assessment of large scale energy technologies in the Australian context. It forms the baseline of large scale technology data for Australia and is being used by AEMO and the Australian Government Office of Chief Economist.

This report has been superseded. The technology cost comparison methods of this report have been superseded by ANLEC R&D. You will find the latest products by clicking here.

Available Reports

Australian Power Generation Technology Report

Please contact ANLEC R&D for a copy of this report.

Project Name:
Australian Power Technology Generation Technology (APGT) Study

Research Organisation:

Completed, 2016


Research Program: Techno-Economic Analysis
Demonstration: General (Techno-Economic Analysis)
Research Focus: Techno-Economic Assessment

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