Project Summary

This project is exploring new electromagnetic methods for deep reservoir CO2 monitoring. Surface-based surveillance methods for the latter are limited penetration of the high frequency signals due to the conductive earth. The electromagnetic method involves injecting a large current using the steel borehole casing as an antenna, with subsequent detection of the electric fields collected by highly sensitive sensors at the surface. There is potential to look not only at CO2 plumes at great depth, but at locations away from boreholes.

Researchers will collect electromagnetic data and compare it with other information including gravity and seismic, to make a 3D model of CO2 plume locations in the Acquistore CO2 injection project.

Project Name:
Borehole to surface electromagnetic surveying

Research Organisation:
Petroleum Technology Research Centre

In Progress

Mark Dilorio


Research Program: Geochemistry, Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Aquistore
Research Focus: CO2 measurements and monitoring technology

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