Project Summary

This project focuses on carbon capture and syngas shifting for air blown brown/black coal gasification. The use of gasification as a low emission coal technology to reduce CO2 emissions will require the optimised operation of a shift reaction to produce hydrogen, as well as a separation step to remove CO2. To reduce the costs of the overall process, it may be possible to accomplish both these tasks in one reactor. Doing so will eliminate the need for cooling large volumes of process gas, and deliver a high value fuel which translates into energy and efficiency gains. In essence, this project takes advantage of synergistic properties of first generation catalyst and sorbent technologies combined in a single unit operation to reduce CCS energy penalties and their impact on electricity costs.

Available Reports

Carbon Capture Shift Reactor - Milestone 9 Final Report

Project Name:
Carbon Capture Shift Reactor

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland

Completed, 2017

Dr Guozhao Ji, Dr Julius Motuzas, Dr Greg Birkett, Dr Simon Smart, Prof. Joe da Costa


Research Program: Post Combustion Capture
Demonstration: General (PCC)
Research Focus: Post Combustion Capture, Capture

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