Project Summary

Correct attribution of near-surface leakage signals is critical for the success of CCS projects and the protection of stakeholders. The ability to predict how a leakage signal would manifest itself is important for “proving a negative”. The purpose of this project is to characterise all potential isotopic inputs and an assessment of the sensitivity of the system to each input will be used to identify the most feasible approach in the Surat Basin. The results of this research will contribute to our ability to quickly and accurately attribute the source of any anomalous gases in the near-surface which may signal fugitives from depth and avoid confusion that could lead to false positives.

Available Reports

Isotopic characterization of source CO2 and naturally occurring CO2 Glenhaven

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Project Name:
Characterisation of source CO2 and naturally occurring CO2 at Glenhaven

Research Organisation:
The University of Texas

Completed, 2019

Katherine Romanak


Research Program: Carbon Transport and Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Environmental impact, Quantifying Potential Environmental Impacts

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