Project Summary

Continuing viability of the Australian coal sector requires continuing access to export markets, particularly in Asia (specifically China, Japan and India), and acceptance in Australia that the industry has a social licence to operate. Managing the risks related to coal use in Australia requires an understanding of the technical status and economics of power generation for coal and its alternative; the issues around the public acceptance of coal production and use; and how policy both in Australia and overseas will impact on these issues. The focus of this project is therefore to:

  • Analyse current and future generation costs for all generation technologies, using publicly available data, which has been validated in discussions with industry insiders.
  • Understand the “licence to operate” issues associated with the power generation sector in the three countries, but with a particular focus on coal mining and use in Australia, and
  • Identify key policy drivers

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Project Name:
Comparative Power Generation Option Analysis – Policy & Techno Economics

Research Organisation:
Gamma Energy Technology P/L

Completed, 2016


Research Program: Techno-Economic Analysis
Demonstration: General (Techno-Economic Analysis)
Research Focus: Techno-Economic Assessment

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