Project Summary

The project will assess the novel Piperazine (PZ) process for coal fired power station flue gas, particularly for Australian conditions. Research will include the assessment of the energy requirement for liquid absorbent regeneration, as determined by a newly developed flash regeneration system, and the CO2-absorption rates. This will be compared to energy requirements determined for the standard solvent (30% MEA). The project will seek to establish the stability of the Piperazine solvent, the formation of degradation products from prolonged operation of the process, and the impact on power-generation efficiency and costs of a typical Australian coal fired power station equipped with this technology. In doing so, the aim will be to progress the development of a process that can significantly reduce operating and capital costs by up to 50%, and to provide invaluable information for the scale up and operation of this process.

Available Reports

Concentrated Piperazine based Post-Combustion Capture for Australian coalfired power plants - Summary Report

ANLEC R&D recently completed its study on piperazine as a solvent for carbon dioxide capture. In a purpose built pilot plant at Queensland’s Stanwell Corporation, CSIRO undertook a series of tests to validate the performance of piperazine for CO2 capture in Australian flue-gas conditions –ie: higher SOx and NOx levels.  This experience delivered for its industry partner, the necessary procedures and protocols for safely handling these chemicals while successfully defining a robust process operating envelope.  So, does piperazine deliver to its promised performance as a capture solvent? Read the science results in our summary report for more details.

Project Name:
Concentrated piperazine based post-combustion capture process for Australian power plants

Research Organisation:
Stanwell Corporation Ltd

Completed, 2014

Aaron Cottrell, Ashleigh Cousins, Sanger Huang, Narendra Dave, Thong Do, Paul HM Feron, Stephen McHugh, Michael Sinclair


Research Program: Post Combustion Capture
Demonstration: Stanwell PCC Plant
Research Focus: Post Combustion Capture, Capture

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