Project Summary

This project seeks to further develop ionic liquid based CO2 absorbents and optimise both the absorption capacity and absorption/desorption rate of such liquids. The project will also design and develop novel capture processes and conduct a comparison to the amine-based process.

Available Reports

Development of novel ionic liquids to capture CO2 - Final Report

The aim of this project is to develop novel ionic liquid absorbents that are suitable for post combustion capture (PCC). In previous work the research team has developed transition metal functionalised ionic liquids (ILs) that show good CO2 absorption capacity. These ILs, however exhibit high viscosities that result in slow absorption kinetics, which presents a considerable challenge for commercial application in PCC processes. The research objective is therefore to achieve a balance between good absorption capacities and quick absorption rates, with a focus on reducing the viscosities of the ionic liquids. Various approaches are used to tackle the problem of high viscosities in order to effectively improve sorption kinetics.

Project Name:
Development of novel ionic liquids to capture CO2

Research Organisation:

Completed, 2014

Junhua Huang, Anthony Rosamilia, Hanming Liu, Jiamei Zhu, Guangning Yu, Justine Jeffery


Research Program: Post Combustion Capture
Demonstration: General (PCC)
Research Focus: Post Combustion Capture, Capture

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