Project Summary

The project aims to develop and test a methodology to predict cement degradation that integrates laboratory characterisation of cement degradation processes with site specific CO2 migration and groundwater geochemistry data. The project will also undertake measurements of cement degradation in the laboratory that provide the physical properties required to apply the TOUGHREACT simulator, and assess cement degradation potential for wells at the proposed Australian Flagship carbon dioxide storage sites.

Available Reports

An assessment of the integrity of wellbore cement in CO2 storage wells

After CO2 is stored underground, it is important to make sure it remains in its designated containment. One possible leakage path for CO2 is via the wellbore cement. This could either be in wells being used in the storage process or previously plugged and abandoned wells. This project investigated the risk for cement degradation in a well. It concluded that older wells that are plugged and abandoned represent a higher risk for cement degradation; however the current well completion technologies are robust and adequate remediation actions are available to manage such risk.

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Integrity of Wellbore Cement in CO2 Storage Wells State of the Art Review

Wells are the key technology for both storing CO2 and monitoring its reservoir migration. This report provides a literature review on the previous work related to the potential for wellbore cement to degrade to the extent that storage assurance is compromised. It does not review completion practices. Future laboratory work for this project will build on the previous studies with the aim of clarifying the role of cement degradation in carbon storage containment. Subsequent laboratory experiments will be based on conditions expected to be encountered in the flagship storage sites.

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Project Name:
Development of an integrated assessment procedure for the integrity of wellbore cement in CO2 storage

Research Organisation:

Completed, 2014

Luke Connell, David Down, Meng Lu, David Hay, Deasy Heryanto


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Gippsland Basin
Research Focus: Public Acceptance, Aged Well Bore Integrity and Repair

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