Project Summary

This project focuses on Stages P0 & P2 of a direct injection carbon engine (DICE)  development plan. These stages aim to develop a suitable fuel injection system for a large engine, and operation of a 1 MW single cylinder test engine in Japan to obtain key combustion and coal performance data.  This data is needed to design a prototype engine, and for MAN Diesel & Turbo Australia Pty. Ltd (MDT) to obtain first-hand experience with coal.

The program will test: One black coal micronised refined carbon (MRC) (low ash feed coal being supplied by Glencore Technology) and one brown coal MRC (low ash treated feed coal being arranged by ACI). The quality of the MRC’s must be of acceptable quality – as determined by the present project.

Available Reports

Overall outcomes, learnings and business case variables identified to date

This report provides outcomes and learnings while preparing for a pilot-scale test of DICE. This project was closed by ANLEC R&D at an interim stage-gate following failure of 4 injector nozzles due to excessive wear.    

Project Name:
DICE Development – Test Program (Stages P0 & P2) – Engine development work

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Research Program: Post Combustion Capture
Demonstration: General (PCC)
Research Focus: Post Combustion Capture

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