Project Summary

This project will determine whether the minor mineral levels identified in Project 7-0236 (Mobilisation and fate of minerals released from clays by the GHG stream) are typical of Precipice Sandstone in the Surat Basin. The samples from the former project, chosen from discrete depths of West Wandoan 1 Precipice core, had highly variable concentrations of minerals. This project will look at the important question of whether this is typical across the full length of the Precipice Sandstone. To achieve this, researchers will use digital core enhanced scanning technology to provide 3D spatial resolution of the carbonate host, along the full length of the Precipice Sandstone. This will define the significance of the isolated outcomes from the original project over the whole Precipice in Wandoan 1, and subsequently across the region.

Project Name:
Digital rock applications for spatial resolution of mineralogy through the Precipice Sandstone

Research Organisation:
Australian National University

In Progress

M Knackstedt


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Digital rock scanning, Geochemistry

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