Project Summary

This project will provide a detailed understanding of the stratigraphy and structure of the Latrobe Group, with particular emphasis on the seal lithologies within the unit (largely coal and shale).  The project will synthesize seismic, well log, core and lithological data onshore and offshore in order to produce a 3D map of seals within the unit. This will provide important information for the assessment of CO2 storage sites in near- and off-shore areas of the Gippsland Basin. To date there is limited published work integrating the offshore to the onshore seismic coverage where there is more abundant well log and core data and extensive 2D seismic surveys. This project will therefore provide a better understanding of the way in which CO2 will migrate and be stored within the Latrobe Group sediments.  It will also provide a facies model for the Latrobe Group coals and sands that may be applied to other coal successions globally.

Available Reports

Final Report: Geometry and character of Latrobe Group seals

Project Name:
Distribution and Geometry of Latrobe Group intraformational seals, Gippsland Basin

Research Organisation:
The University of Melbourne

Completed, 2018


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Gippsland Basin
Research Focus: Containment, Dynamic seal capacity

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