Project Summary

ANLEC R&D has delivered a wealth of research on assessing the suitability of the Surat Basin for CO2 Storage.  The basin is particularly suited for long-term CO2 storage being near major coal-fired power stations. It might also service the development of a low emissions industrial hub for regional Queensland.

Work to date provides the scientific underpinning for the basin based on using the northern precipice reservoir rock as an analogue.  A recent parallel Commonwealth funded University of Queensland (UQ) SDAAP study suggests that the geological deposition histories may subtly differ between the north and south region of the basin.  As commercial volumes for storage are more likely to be in the south.  This conclusion requires that additional data from the south would help reduce the investment risk for commercial storage prospects and volumes.

ANLEC R&D initiated a feasibility study to evaluate preparatory R&D, obtain additional data and inform operational requirements underpinning a future investment for a large-scale injection.  The study proposed to drill an exploratory well to de-risk the geological parameters and injectivity in comparison to the northern knowledge. It also requires a 3D seismic survey to collect essential structural and stratigraphic elements. Based on positive outcomes, additional field activities should be undertaken to establish the capacity of that region of the basin.

Project Name:
EPQ10 South Surat Project

Research Organisation:
Carbon Transportation & Storage Corporation

In Progress

D Greer


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Exploration R&D assessment, Injectivity, Capacity

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