Project Summary

A feasibility study was undertaken to deliver sufficient scientific and operational information to assess the suitability of the South Surat Basin as a reservoir for CO2 Storage. The report also includes a proposal to drill one (1) well and carry out a limited 3D seismic survey surrounding the well within the EPQ10 tenement to collect essential geological, water quality and geophysical data to enable many of the R&D projects.

The scientific (R&D) component of the proposed EPQ10 project has been designed to address the following key research objectives that impact on the pathway to industrial-scale geosequestration in the Southern Surat Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Hub:

  • Regional storage capacity for EPQ10 including storage efficiency (and maximisation) within the Precipice Sandstone.
  • Plume monitoring and verification for injection options.
  • Cost-effective field operations including low-cost monitoring and verification wells for deployment at industrial-scale.

The suite of potential activities listed include plume modelling, injection experimental design and geochemistry projects focussing on R&D associated principally with the maximisation of pore space for efficient CO2 storage.

The operational component of the proposed EPQ10 project has been devised to achieve the following three key objectives:

  • Provide an early and cost-effective go/no-go decision on the suitability of the Southern region of EPQ10 for industrial-scale CO2 storage through the timely drilling, coring and logging of the Precipice Sandstone and adjacent formations.
  • Provide geophysics, formation and water data to enable much of the proposed Scientific Program.
  • Deliver well and site infrastructure for subsequent CO2 injection testing that potentially provides some of the foundation infrastructure for later conversion of the site to an industrial-scale CO2 storage complex.

Available Reports

Final Report: Feasibility Study for a Southern Surat project

This report is confidential. For more information please contact ANLEC R&D.

Project Name:
Feasibility Study for a Southern Surat project

Research Organisation:
Carbon Transportation & Storage Corporation

Completed, 2018

A Du Mee


Research Program: Carbon Transport and Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: GHG storage potential, Exploration R&D assessment

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