Project Summary

To date, little information on the reactivity of the Surat Basin Moolayember Formation to CO2 rich water exists. This project aids the program by understanding the Moolayember Formation mineralogy-chemical composition as well as investigating mineralogy-chemical changes that occur if low pH water was to interact with this material. The methodology consists of geochemical modelling together with mineralogical and geochemical analysis and laboratory batch reactor experiments under simulated in situ conditions. This approach allows comparison of modelled simulations of dissolution/precipitation reactions and water chemistry with laboratory measurements from experiments.

Available Reports

Interaction of CO2 saturated groundwater with Moolayember Formation lithologies

Please contact ANLEC R&D for a copy of this report.

Project Name:
Groundwater geochemistry of the Moolayember Formation

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland

Completed, 2019

S Golding, J Pearce, G Dawson


Research Program: Geochemistry, CO2 storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Geochemistry

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