Project Summary

Ensuring relevance to the Australian IGCC-CCS demonstration projects, a review was conducted into the regulations, legislation and relevant technologies currently applied to the disposal or use of gasifier slags and other solid by-products of gasification.

Available Reports

IGCC Solids Disposal and Utilisation - Final Report

This study had the objective of considering slag disposal and use in relation to Australian gasification projects, using Australian coals under Australian technology and market conditions. The first part of the report provides a review of legislation and regulations relating to disposal or use of gasification by-products. The information is presented in the context of current practices for management of solid wastes from existing coal combustion processes familiar to the Australian power sector. The second part of the report presents the results of an experimental program that compares the properties of industrially-produced and laboratory-produced slag samples. The analyses provided include by-product composition and physical properties, how by-products are likely to depend on feed coal properties and gasification conditions, and implications for their subsequent disposal and potential use. The results help define the likely environmental performance of gasification-derived solid wastes, as well as their suitability for use in specific industries.

Project Name:
IGCC solids disposal and utilisation

Completed, 2012

A Y Ilyushechkin, D G Roberts, D French, and D J Harris


Research Program: IGCC
Demonstration: General (IGCC)
Research Focus: IGCC

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