Project Summary

The results of ANLEC R&D Project 6-1212-0221 – Gas quality Impacts, assessments and control in oxy-technology for CCS indicate that NOX, SOX and Hg can be removed from CO2, and that the use of additional and costly unit operations for their removal can be avoided. However, the results also suggested that these wastes may not be stable, as fractions of NOX, SOX and Hg may be released from the condensates on depressurisation.

This project will quantify the release (emissions) of these vapours, while providing options for their stabilisation. The project will also characterise the solid mercury formed during CO2 compression and provide options for waste utilisation. The project will be based on laboratory measurements which have been proven to match Callide Oxyfuel Project measurements. This allows the project’s results to be relevant to oxyfuel technology in general, while also being specific for the Callide Oxyfuel Project flowsheet and Australian flue gas conditions.

Available Reports

MS4.1 SOx/NOx co-removal during compression of oxy-fuel flue gas

MS4.2 Saleable by-products from mixed acid wastes from CPUs of oxy-fuel combustion with CCS

Project Name:
Impurities in oxyfuel CO2 compression; stability, disposal and utilisation

Research Organisation:
The University of Newcastle

Completed, 2017


Research Program: Oxyfuel
Demonstration: Callide Oxyfuel
Research Focus: Oxyfuel

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