Project Summary

Surat Basin demonstration project is required to confirm compliance with environmental licences and to validate the business case for carbon storage. The plan is to have a downhole measurement technology that will monitor and verify (M&V) the integrity of Surat Basin CO2 sequestration, and in the case of suspected storage compromise, a method of signal attribution. The most prevalent methodology for signal attribution is isotopes ratio analysis. This method can be costly and difficult to sustain in a hostile environment. This project aims to use Gas Sensing Technology Inc (WellDog) downhole Raman spectroscopy borehole instrument  to detect and attribute isotopic signatures in the Precipice Sandstone reservoir. The project will first determine necessary measurements and accuracy requirements for isotopic attribution. This includes a review of existing isotopic measurement technologies to establish the most suitable technique for field adaptation. The second part of the project will provide a stage-gate plan of potential industrial-scale deployment technology at the lowest cost. The expected result may offer a downhole M&V technology that is applicable for long-term monitoring solution in the Surat Basin.

Available Reports

In-situ Isotopic Attribution Using Raman Scattering

Project Name:
In-situ isotopic attribution using Raman Scattering

Research Organisation:
Gas Sensing Technology Corp

In Progress

Grant Myers, James Walker


Research Program: Carbon Transport and Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Downhole measurements, Well based monitoring, Tracer Applications

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