Project Summary

In advance of CO2 storage in the Surat Basin, CTSCo is undergoing an Environmental Baseline Works (EBW) program at Glenhaven site, located 21km SW of the town of Wandoan in SE Queensland. This project’s goal is to provide an initial environmental assessment that includes geochemical characterisation in the near-surface to indicate the sensitivity of the system to leakage identification. Results of this evaluation will support CTSCo Surat CCS demonstration project’s compliance with environmental requirements for confirming the absence of leakage and verifying containment.

A short field campaign was conducted to collect gas chromatography data at the site. These data were then used to determine the accuracy and precision of the sensor installations that are providing continuous real-time monitoring at the side.

Project outcome:
• The current feasibility study suggests the approach and monitoring installations at Glenhaven are sufficiently robust and adequate for leakage detection. However, more investigation is needed to understand how sensors will perform at different concentration ranges.

Available Reports

Initial near surface CO2 characterisation at Glenhaven

Project Name:
Initial near surface CO2 characterisation at Glenhaven

Research Organisation:
The University of Texas at Austin

Completed, 2017

Katherine Romanak


Research Program: CO2 storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Environmental impact, Quantifying Potential Environmental Impacts

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