Project Summary

Monitoring changes in geophysical rock properties – their density, electrical conductivity, and seismic properties – are a key method for understanding movement of injected CO2 plumes. Mathematical and statistical analysis (an inversion) of geophysical data helps researchers create a model of injected CO2 movement. However, such a model is limited when it is only from one data set. A joint inversion of several differing geophysical data sets – such as time lapse seismic and electromagnetic (EM) data  and density from borehole gravity – can help create a more complete  model of plume movement.

This two-year project will apply joint inversion of geophysical data for the Aquistore CO2 sequestration monitoring project. Researchers will jointly invert gravity, seismic and EM data.

Available Reports

Joint inversion of geophysical monitoring data: Final Report

Project Name:
Joint inversion of geophysical monitoring data

Research Organisation:
Petroleum Technology Research Centre


Eldad Haber


Research Program: Geochemistry
Demonstration: Aquistore
Research Focus: Model Calibration

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