Project Summary

This project will examine the use of first-stage low energy capture processes with second-stage processes for more effective CO2 concentration. The successful development of this hybrid capture technology has the potential to reduce overall capture cost.

Available Reports

Low Cost Hybrid Capture Technology Development - Final Report

Post-combustion CO2 capture (PCC) has been recognised as a necessary option for reducing the emissions from fossil fuel power plants, especially from coal-fired power plants. The current preferred technology for CO2 capture from PCC is solvent scrubbing, of which the unit size is likely to be larger than the currently operating scrubbing units. This project looks to examine the opportunities to integrate solvent scrubbing with alternative technologies such as CO2 capture by adsorption for a lower energy penalty with additional benefits. However, the primary conclusion shows that the hybrid system as proposed was not effective in reducing the overall cost of CO2 capture.

Project Name:
Low Cost Hybrid Capture Technology Development

Research Organisation:

Completed, 2013

Gongkui Xiao, Paul Webley, Andrew Hoadley, Minh Ho, Dianne Wiley


Research Program: Post Combustion Capture
Demonstration: General (PCC)
Research Focus: Post Combustion Capture, Capture

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