Project Summary

Understanding the possible environmental impact of subsea CO2 storage is a challenging task globally and especially in offshore Gippsland where there is high levels natural variability in marine conditions. This project addresses three key technical challenges necessary for developing assurance monitoring approaches for subsea CCS operations:

  • The “signal-to-noise” problem: distinguishing CO2 release signatures from similar naturally occurring variability to reduce detection false alarm rates in future baseline monitoring design.
  • Characterising impact: determining the level of CO2 release that would be associated with environmental impact at a range of scales.
  • Attributing impact: distinguishing changes resulting from other drivers and pressures in multiple use zones (e.g. climate change) from the activities.
Project Name:
Methodology to deploy shallow-focused subsea CCS technologies

Research Organisation:

In Progress

A Ross


Research Program: Carbon Transport and Storage
Demonstration: Gippsland Basin
Research Focus: Assurance based monitoring, Environmental impact

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