Project Summary

Current “baseline” methods in environmental monitoring fall short of what is necessary for successful industrial deployment of geologic CO2 storage. This project proposes a further application of a process-based approach to environmental assessment. The overall objective is to rigorously assess (and mature) a process-based methodology into a reliable and practical monitoring technology to support the industrial implementation of CCS in hydrocarbon-rich environments. Objectives are:

  • update and refine the current process-based geochemical matrix to include various methane inputs;
  • demonstrate the capability of Raman technology to provide continuous real-time measurements;
  • demonstrate the use of process-based ratios for quantification; and
  • choose the measurement technology most appropriate for advancing as best practice in environmental monitoring.

Available Reports

Optimising a process-based approach for near-surface leakage assessment


Project Name:
Optimising a process-based approach for near-surface leakage assessment

Research Organisation:
The University of Texas

Completed, 2019

Katherine Romanak


Research Program: Carbon Transport and Storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: CO2 measurements and monitoring technology, Environmental assessment

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