Project Summary

The Australian Government under the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative established the Carbon Storage Task Force (CSTF) in October 2008 to develop the Carbon Mapping and Infrastructure Plan for geological storage of CO2. The objective of this project was to prepare a report, similar to that delivered by the CSTF, on the non-geological capture of CO2 using a Novel Capture Storage Task Force (NCSTF). The study provides an independent assessment that ascertains the feasible potential and costs in Australia of novel CO2 capture and sequestration techniques.

Available Reports

Novel CO2 Capture Task Force

A portfolio of low–carbon technologies are required to be developed to reach Government targets for CO2 emissions. A large portion of Australia’s electrical energy is generated using coal and there is an increasing use of natural gas. Geological sequestration of CO2 from these fossil sources is being extensively studied in Australia. The present study was convened by the sponsors BCIA, ANLEC R&D and the Global CCS Institute to investigate CO2 capture and storage by means alternative to geological storage.

Project Name:
Novel CO2 Capture Storage Task Force

Research Organisation:
The University of Melbourne

Completed, 2011

John Burgess Lewis Jeffery Allen Lowe Stephen Schuck Warren Flentje


Research Program: Post Combustion Capture
Demonstration: General (PCC)
Research Focus: Post Combustion Capture, Capture

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