Project Summary

Using offshore reservoirs for CO2 storage presents unique seismic monitoring challenges, for deploying, recovering and reading ocean-bottom seismometers. The project plans to develop protocols/technologies that test deployment and recovery of seismometers as well as establish robust seismicity benchmarks.  In the pre-commercialisation stage of a CCS project, these deliverables will establish seismic monitoring workflows in the operational phase. In addition a workflow will be developed for inverting travel times for 3D velocity models and relocating earthquakes with the capability of refining locations and models routinely with minimum expert knowledge.

Available Reports

Optimisation of Earthquake Monitoring and Characterisation for CCS Applications in Gippsland Basin

Project Name:
Optimisation of earthquake monitoring and characterisation for CCS applications in the Gippsland Basin

Research Organisation:
The University of Melbourne


Januka Attanayake


Research Program: CO2 storage
Demonstration: Gippsland Basin
Research Focus: Environmental Monitoring

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