Project Summary

This project aims to close the gaps in the existing knowledge around the Harvey-3 well area where the existence of significant structures has been extrapolated from information several kilometres away. The other focus area is the vicinity of the Harvey 2 well, which is known to intersect the major tectonic feature, known as the F10 fault, which may propagate to shallow depths. The project will address the technical problems through: imaging subsurface geology; understanding structural behaviour and stress conditions; forecasting fault hydrodynamic behaviour; and geo-mechanical behaviour in relation to CO2 injection. The integrated analysis from this project will provide in depth geological knowledge and reasonable constraints for the simulation models. This will decrease the risks related to Harvey-5 placement by improving the overall assessment of CO2 containment.

Available Reports

Potential for preferential flow through faults and fractures: Milestone 5 Final Report

Project Name:
Potential for preferential flow through faults and fractures

Research Organisation:
Curtin University



Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Southern Perth Basin
Research Focus: geomechanics fault fracture well bore, Containment, Modelling Errors & Uncertainties

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