Project Summary

ANLEC R&D with CTSCo is seeking to deliver new field data and validation testing for large-scale CO2 storage in the South Surat basin within the EPQ10 permit. The target Precipice sandstone is deeper than the same formation within EPQ7 in the northern Surat. There is uncertainty on the provenance of the formation and the salinity of the groundwater.

This project aims to use available wireline logs to map the distribution of the Precipice Sandstone groundwater salinity in the southern Surat Basin. Researchers will have access to 115 wells with Spontaneous Potential (SP) curves as a primary dataset for the analysis. The SP curve is one of the basic wireline curves that responds to formation water resistivity and thus the water salinity. Results will be calibrated with good quality laboratory water analysis data.

Available Reports

Precipice Sandstone Groundwater Quality Estimation from Legacy Downhole Geophysics

Project Name:
Precipice Sandstone water salinity estimation from spontaneous potential logs

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland


Phil Hayes


Research Program: CO2 storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Wireline log mapping of groundwater

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