Project Summary

This project supports CO2 storage projects in Surat sedimentary basins. The Hutton Sandstone is the first aquifer unit of regional significance above the sealing Evergreen Formation, and can act as a second reservoir in the event of plume migration into this horizon. If the Hutton Sandstone is found suitable, it can be considered as a potential CO2 injection target outside of Glenhaven storage complex. The texture, fabric and composition of the facies will influence the distribution of flow units and baffles within the Hutton, and therefore the potential plume migration pathways.

The project integrates observations from outcrop mapping, 3D imaging techniques, hyperspectral mapping, borehole wireline and core, seismic data and geostatic models from the subsurface at a regional level to provide input to reservoir modelling for the Glenhaven storage complex.

Available Reports

Regional geological study of the Hutton Sandstone: Final Report

Project Name:
Regional geological study of the Hutton Sandstone

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland

Completed, 2019

V Bianchi


Research Program: CO2 storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Facies Rock prop, Model calibration and injection forecast

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