Project Summary

An understanding of the hydrogeology with geochemical and hydrogeochemical processes, is paramount to assess the interaction and impact of potential CO2 injection on groundwater resources.  Impacts may include changes in hydraulic heads, permeability, and changes in water quality and aquifer mineralogy.  The improved conceptualisation is used to produce better numerical flow models and geochemical simulations following an injection.

One of the main concerns is reducing the uncertainties in the modelling outcomes and simulation processes. While ANLEC R&D project 7-0115-0236 has analysed the groundwater chemistry of the northern Surat Basin, the southern Surat hydrogeology is not as well understood. This project aims to investigate the hydrogeology of the south Surat Basin. Researchers will examine existing and new information to improve conceptual understanding and to model the effect of CO2 injection on groundwater pressure and flow. The results will consist of key datasets and predictions that will assist in planning potential commercial CCS in the area.

Available Reports

Hydrogeology of the southern Surat Basin: Memo report 2

Project Name:
Regional hydrogeology of the southern Surat Basin

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland



Research Program: Hydrogeology
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Hydrogeology

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