Project Summary

This project is a companion project to 7-0212-0202 and  focused on resolving the software conflict identified in that project.

Available Reports

Comparison of Eclipse & Updated Sedsim Models - Final Report

This report compares the dynamic simulations run on two different reservoir static models for the Lesueur Sandstone Formation, a deep saline formation considered for the SW Hub Project. These different reservoir models were built using the Sedsim software (by CSIRO) and the Petrel software (by Schlumberger). In this report, the static model built by CSIRO is referred to as the “Sedsim model”, while the static model built by Schlumberger is referred to as the “Schlumberger (or SLB) model”. The comparison mainly focuses on the differences in formation properties, plume shape, residually trapped CO2, dissolved CO2 and the cumulative amount of CO2 injected.

Project Name:
Comparison of Schlumberger and updated Sedsim models

Research Organisation:
The University of New South Wales

Completed, 2015

Henri Baz, Yildiray Cinar, Guy Allinson


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Southern Perth Basin
Research Focus: Injectivity, Modelling Errors & Uncertainties, Strat Forward modelling

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