Project Summary

This project aimed to develop a low-cost, CO2 flux monitoring system for use by non-specialists. It sought an alternative to the typically expensive and labour-intensive techniques requiring specialist expertise currently used for atmospheric monitoring. Researchers deployed and compared multiple CO2 flux monitoring systems and developed automated data visualisation tools. Through adaptation of an existing tomographic system design, researchers successfully developed a system of sensors and a software package capable of detecting CO2 leakage. This software provides guidance as to both the location of, and leakage rate from a point source. There are ongoing discussions around the development and utilisation of low-cost sensors for use with the software.

Available Reports

Final Report: Leakage quantification using atmospheric techniques

Project Name:
Signal quantification using atmospheric flux techniques

Research Organisation:
ALS Hydrographics

Completed, 2020

Paul Jensen, Wence Sulda, Steve Zegelin


Research Program: CO2 storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Assurance based monitoring

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