Project Summary

ANLEC R&D with CTSCo is seeking to deliver new field data and validation testing for large-scale CO2 storage in the South Surat basin within the EPQ10 permit. Unlike the well-studied Glenhaven site in the northern Surat Basin, the mineralogy, geochemistry and groundwater geochemistry of the Evergreen-Precipice-Moolayember, in the Southern Surat Basin, are not well known.

Appraisal of the EPQ10 site consists of drilling two wells and a 3D seismic. The first well will include coring of the entire Precipice Sandstone along with wireline logging evaluation. The project will assess sources, concentrations and fate of heavy minerals in formation water before and after CO2 injection. Outcomes will also include a 3D reaction transport model showing the impact and migration of the greenhouse gas (GHG) plume. It will also establish the quality of the groundwater in line with drinking and stock water recommendations.

Available Reports

Project Name:
Surat metal mobilisation and fate of released minerals

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland

In Progress

S Golding


Research Program: CO2 storage
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Geochemistry, Public Acceptance

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