Project Summary

ANLEC R&D with CTSCo is seeking to deliver new field data and validation testing for large-scale CO2 storage in the South Surat basin within the EPQ10 permit. The target Precipice Sandstone in the northern (EPQ7 permit) and southern Surat Basin (EPQ10 permit) may have different sources of petrophysical material. As an integrated part of another ANLEC R&D project (7-C326 Part A: Zircon Dating), this project will look at the formation’s depositional setting, sediment provenance and diagenetic evolution to understand the effect on reservoir quality, fluid-rock interactions and minerals cementation. Researchers will use a combination of petrographic and geochemical techniques, with diagenetic geochemistry and clay dating. The expected outcome will provide constraints on the diagenetic history and its relation to fluid flow and basin history.

Available Reports

Testing the Surat Basin two deposition centres hypotheses

Project Name:
Testing the Surat Basin two deposition centres hypotheses: Part B diagenetic mechanism

Research Organisation:


C Delle Piane


Research Program: south Surat, EPQ10, diagenetic history, sediment provenance, depositional analysis
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Exploration R&D assessment, Reservoir diagenetic history

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