Project Summary

The South West Hub project is now proceeding to further reduce its uncertainties regarding the containment potential of the upper and lower confining layers of the Lesueur Formation through a well drilling, coring and logging program. Constraints on injectivity, compartmentalisation and vertical connectivity across the Lesueur and Eneabba formations are currently highly uncertain. In anticipation of the drilling of Harvey-5, an improved understanding of the injectivity and residual trapping properties of the Wonnerup is required. This project aims to examine containment processes at SW Hub project by:

  • Simulating residual trapping, vertical sweep efficiency and the influence of internal barriers to CO2 migration within the Lesueur Formation, and
  • Configuring well-tests that enable the measurement of appropriate parameters to validate models of injected CO2 movement.

This work is based on the testing of Wonnerup samples from Harvey-2, -3 and -4 and is complementary to work being done in other ANLEC projects and commercially by the SW Hub.

Available Reports

The Lesueur: vertical connectivity, injectivity and residual trapping

Project Name:
The Lesueur: vertical connectivity, injectivity and residual trapping

Research Organisation:

Completed, 2017


Research Program: Carbon Transport + Storage
Demonstration: Southern Perth Basin
Research Focus: Facies Rock prop, Containment, Leakage risks and fluxes, Rock Properties Relative Perm

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