Project Summary

This project seeks to validate the hypothesis that the target Precipice Sandstone reservoir in the north and southern Surat Basin are from two separate depocenter fed by different source terranes. As an integral component of another ANLEC R&D project (7-C330 Part B: Diagenetic Analysis), this project will use Zircon dating to analyse the spatial variations of mineral composition and sediment provenance in the formation. The researchers will integrate U-Pb zircon geochronology with sedimentological and stratigraphic analysis of cored wells, including the West Moonie #1 well. The results will reveal the age estimate of cored wells, ultimately testing the two depocenter hypotheses. The expected outcome will provide crucial insights on the composition and lateral extent of the Precipice Sandstone reservoir that help guide exploration in the South Surat Basin.

Available Reports

Testing the Surat Basin two deposition centre hypothesis: Part A Zircon geochronology

Project Name:
Validating the two depo-centre hypothesis for the Precipice Sandstone: Part A Zircon dating

Research Organisation:
The University of Queensland


P. Hayes


Research Program: south Surat, EPQ10, Zircon dating, Precipice Sandstone
Demonstration: Surat Basin
Research Focus: Exploration R&D assessment, Geochronology and sedimentology analysis

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