Southern Perth Basin

Gippsland Basin

Surat Basin


Desktop design study on enhancing residual and dissolution trapping Laboratory core flooding of formation water, N2 and CO2 Geochemical and Geomechanical Testing of Near Wellbore CO2 Injectivity Improvement Pore and core-scale investigation of CO2 wettablility and residual trapping
Geochemical characterisation of gases, fluids and rocks in the Harvey-1 data well Development of an integrated assessment procedure for the integrity of wellbore cement in CO2 storage Maximising the value of digital core analysis for carbon sequestration site assessment Fundamentals of tracer applications for CO2 Storage
Feasibility and design of robust passive seismic monitoring arrays for CO2 geosequestration An initial study of the utility of some marine M&V methods for subsea CCS: Bass Strait Case Study Authigenic carbonates in the Great Artesian Basin as a natural analogue of mineralisation trapping in CO2 geosequestration Predicting CO2 injectivity properties for application at CCS sites
Estimating Vertical Permeability in the Lesueur Formation  Near-Shore Aquifer Modelling of CO2 Geological Storage in the Gippsland Basin Impacts of Surat Basin geological CO2 storage on groundwater flow Basin Resource Management and Carbon Storage – Part I
Advanced Geophysical Data  Analysis at Harvey-1:  Storage Site Characterisation and Stability Assessment  Dynamic Seal Capacity Improved discretization and dynamic modelling of CO2 solubility during injection and subsequent convective dispersion Basin Resource Management and Carbon Storage – Part II
Stratigraphic forward modelling for South West Collie Hub:Phase one – Static Model   Geochemical impacts and monitoring of CO2 storage in low salinity aquifers Signal processing of hydrographs for the long term monitoring and verification of freshwater aquifers in the vicinity of a CCS project
Harvey 2D test seismic survey – issues and optimisations    Initial near surface CO2 characterisation at Glenhaven Otway 2C Feasibility
Acquisition of the nested 3D Seismic Survey to Determine Shallow Features    Geophysical remote sensing of CO2sequestration Otway Stage 2
Comparison of Eclipse & Updated Sedsim Models – Final Report    Hyperspectral scanning of Precipice Outcrop Novel CO2 Capture Storage Task Force
Fault seal first-order analysis – SW Hub    Precipice sandstone outcrop study
Stratigraphic Forward Modelling comparison with Eclipse for SW Hub    Raman Spectroscopy – detecting SOXand NOX in precipice sandstone
Facies-based rock properties distribution along the Harvey 1 stratigraphic well  
Achieving Risk and Cost Reductions in CO2 Geosequestration through 4D Characterisation of Host Formations    
Lessons from project level community engagement    
Desktop design study for SW Hub monitoring wells    
Fluid rock interactions and their impact- SW Hub      
Feasibility and design of robust passive seismic monitoring arrays for CO2 geosequestration
The Lesueur: Deposition, Rocks, Facies, Properties

Feasibility of monitoring an injected CO2plume at the SW Hub
Advanced 3D processing – SW Hub
SW Hub Stage 1 – Science Integration Report